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CJ1W-EIP21 OMRON ราคา 41993 บาท #5343100
  • ชื่อสินค้า : CJ1W-EIP21 OMRON ราคา 41993 บาท
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  • ระยะเวลาการขาย : จนกว่าของจะหมด
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แจ้งรหัสสินค้า : 5343100
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รายละเอียด CJ1W-EIP21 OMRON ราคา 41993 บาท
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Communications Specifications
Note: 1. In this case, pps means "packets per second" and indicates the number of packets that can be processed in one second.
2. To use 505 to 1,444 bytes as the data size, the system must support the Large Forward Open standard (an optional CIP specification). 
The SYSMAC CS/CJ-series Units support this standard, but before connecting to nodes of other companies, confirm that those devices 
also support it.
3. If the maximum data size is exceeded, the data refreshing with the CPU Unit will extend over two or more cycles.
4. If status layout is selected in the user settings, the maximum number of tags that can be received is 19 tags.
5. If parameters are changed in the EtherNet/IP Unit, however, the EtherNet/IP Unit will be restarted. When other nodes are communicating 
with the affected node, the communications will temporarily time out and automatically recover later.
6. Because the EtherNet/IP Unit is equipped with an IGMP client, unnecessary multicast packets can be filtered by using a switching hub 
that supports IGMP snooping.
7. The EtherNet/IP Unit uses the TCP/UDP port numbers shown in the following table.
8. Network symbols can be used only with a CJ2 CPU Unit.
CIP service
Tag data links 
Number of connections 256
Packet interval (refresh cycle)
0.5 to 10,000 ms (in 0.5-ms units)
Can be set independently for each connection. 
(Data is refreshed over the network at the preset interval and does not depend on 
the number of nodes.)
Allowed communications bandwidth 
per Unit 6000 pps (See note 1.)
Number of tag sets 256
Tag types CIO Area, DM Area, EM Area, Holding Area, Work Area, and network symbols 
(See note 8.)
Number of tags per connection 
(= 1 tag set) 8 (7 tags when the tag set contains the PLC status)
Maximum link data size per node 184,832 words
Maximum data size per connection 252 words or 722 words (See note 2.)
Note: Data synchronicity is maintained within each connection.
Number of registrable tag sets 256
(1 connection = 1 tag set)
Maximum size of 1 tag set 722 words
(The PLC status uses 1 word when the tag set contains the PLC status.)
Maximum number of tags that can be 
refreshed per CPU Unit cycle 
(See note 3.)
(CPU to EtherNet/IP): 19
Input/Reception (EtherNet/IP to CPU): 
20 (See note 4.)
(CPU to EtherNet/IP): 256
Input/Reception (EtherNet/IP to CPU): 
Data that can be refreshed per CPU 
Unit cycle (See note 3.)
(CPU to EtherNet/IP): 7,405 words
Input/Reception (EtherNet/IP to CPU): 
7,405 words
(CPU to EtherNet/IP): 6,432 words
Input/Reception (EtherNet/IP to CPU): 
6,432 words
Changing tag data link parameters 
during operation Supported (See note 5.)
Multicast packet filter function 
(See note 6.) Supported
Class 3 (connected) Number of connections: 128
UCMM (unconnected) Number of clients that can communicate at one time: 32 max.
Number of servers that can communicate at one time: 32 max.
CIP routing CJ1W-EIP21
FINS service
FINS/UDP Supported
FINS/TCP 16 connections max.
EtherNet/IP conformance test Conforms to A5
Ethernet interface 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX 
Auto Negotiation or fixed settings
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