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IVORY CAPS 60 caps กลูต้าไธโอนน้ำเข้าจากอเมริกา 1500 mg. ( ผ่าน อย.อเมริกาแล้ว) #4425273
  • ชื่อสินค้า : IVORY CAPS 60 caps กลูต้าไธโอนน้ำเข้าจากอเมริกา 1500 mg. ( ผ่าน อย.อเมริกาแล้ว)
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    รายละเอียด IVORY CAPS 60 caps กลูต้าไธโอนน้ำเข้าจากอเมริกา 1500 mg. ( ผ่าน อย.อเมริกาแล้ว)
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    Ivory Caps 60 Capsules
    ไอวอรี่ แค็ป 60 แคปซูล


    กลูต้าไธโอนนำเข้าจากอเมริกา 1500 mg. ผ่าน อย. อเมริกา ขาว สว่าง ทันใจ

    ส่วนประกอบสำคัญ Ivory Caps
    Proprietary Skin Essentials Blend: 1500 mg Glutathione (Reduce form), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle (Standardized to min, 80% Silymarin)

    การรับประทาน Ivory Caps
    ทาน ครั้งละ 1 เม็ด วันละ 1-2 ครั้ง ก่อนอาหารเช้า – เย็น

    How Can Ivory Caps Work To Lighten My Skin?

    Ivory Caps contains a extra high potency Glutathione "Skin EssentialsTM" complex.
    Studies have indicated that Glutathione works to lighten skin by inhibiting the production of melanin and reducing the concentration of pigmentation in the skin, creating a lighter more even skin tone.

    How Long Does It Take To See Results?

    Although results can vary based on how well your body utilizes the supplement, reports of 1-3 shades are possible within 1-3 months. Long term usage can result in as much as 5-6 shades lighter, or more.

    Will I get that unnatural bleached look?

    Absolutely not. Results are gradual and natural. The skin is lighten in a subtle yet progressive fashion. Skin tone can be expected to get lighter but still maintain a very natural look.

    What are some of the early results that I can expect?

    Initially within weeks you should notice that your skin is healthier looking. If you are prone to acne or other skin conditions, you will notice cleaner more vibrant skin. Skin lightening begins from the inside out.

    Can it work on skin all skin types?

    Yes. Ivory Caps' Glutathione "Skin EssentialsTM" may work on all skin types, Asian, African, Indian, Arab, Middle Eastern, Caucasian and Latin. The supplement works to lighten skin by reducing skin pigmentation. The darker the skin, the longer it may take to achieve desired results.

    What causes my skin color to be darker than I would like?

    Your skin’s pigmentation (skin color) occurs because the body produces melanin. Melanin is the pigment produced by melanocyte cells. It is triggered by an enzyme called tyrosinase, which creates the color of skin, eyes, and hair shades. The greater the melanin production, the darker the skin.

    What causes my skin to be blotchy or spotty?

    Uneven pigmentation causes skin to appear lighter or darker than normal; there may be blotchy, uneven areas, patches of brown to gray discoloration or freckling. Melanin has two major forms that combine to create varying skin tones. Eumelanin produces a range of brown skin and hair color, while pheomelanin imparts a yellow to reddish hue. Increased melanin production is known as hyperpigmentation. The most typical cause of darkened areas of skin, brown spots or areas of discoloration is unprotected sun exposure.

    Is Ivory Caps Skin Lightening safe?

    Very Safe. The main ingredient, glutathione, is a natural amazing antioxidant that is safe even in large amounts. In fact, there are numerous health benefits to regularly taking glutathione. Glutathione helps eliminate toxins from the body, and keeps the eyes, central nervous system, and immune system healthy and strong. Glutathione also helps turn carbohydrates into energy, and prevents the buildup of oxidized fats that may contribute to atherosclerosis.

    Do I need to take Vitamin C with along with Ivory Caps for Skin Whitening?

    Although certain studies indicate the 1,000 mg of vitamin C is may increase skin whitening potential, Ivory Caps contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, a powerful antioxidant that may lead to even more skin whitening potential. Vitamin C is therefore not needed to experience the desired result.

    Can I take Ivory Caps at the same time as other whitening creams or soaps?

    Yes. If other lightening creams and lotions are working for you, you may want to take Ivory Caps to acheive a more natural, even, and healthy skin tone. Furthermore, once the skin lightening process has started you may choose to discontinue with the other creams or soaps because you may find them unnecessary because of your success with Ivory Caps.

    Does it work on the face only or will it also work on the body?

    The effect will be even and consistent for the face and the entire body. The reason is because the ingredients in Ivory Caps may work to inhibit melanin and decrease the concentration of pigmentation throughout the body. The lightening process starts from the inside out, that’s the reason why it takes time to be able to see initial change in your skin tone. The lightening process goes head to foot meaning that you will have an even skin tone throughout your body.

    Once I have achieved the skin tone I want, is it just ok to stop taking the pills or should I continue it?

    A maintainence dose of 1 capsule per day is suggested to preserve the effects.

    Are the whitening effects of these whitening pills permanent? Will my skin tone go back to its original color once I stop using it?

    It'sl lightening effects are permanent only if you maintain it by avoiding exposure to sunlight. You won’t go back to your original skin color even if you stop taking these pills, however, there is a tendency for you to be tan or darken your skin if you expose yourself to sunlight and other harsh elements.

    Can sun exposure affect results?

    Yes. The sun will have a counteractive effect because it increases melanin production and darkens skin tone. To ensure you get the most out of these supplements, try to avoid excessive sun exposure or wear high SPF sunscreen.

    Are there negative long-term effects?

    There are no known side effects or interactions with oral administration of the ingredients in Ivory Caps even in prolonged very high daily usage.


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