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MELSECNET / H PC between net control station / normal station 
MELSECNET / H remote I / O network remote master station 
coaxial bus system connecting cable: 3C-2V/5C-2V/5C-FB coaxial cable transmission line format: single bus


  PC between net MELSECNET / H is a network system which further improves the performance of MELSECNET/10 with features and performance needed to connect a computer sequencer and a plurality of units, and performs overall control of the production line .

High-speed network

  MELSECNET/10 is a network of token passing method of communication speed 10Mbps/25Mbps communication speed 10Mbps, the MELSECNET / H. It should be noted that, in a network of token passing system, so assigned transmission right is cyclic always (communication speed 25Mbps is. Available only during system configuration in QJ71LP21-25 in MELSECNET / H), communication frequency and the number of connected to the network You can but even increased, data transmission is performed without fail. Therefore, I am suitable for equipment control real-time is required.

Easy-to-use network

  Data transmission and reception basic MELSECNET/10, of MELSECNET / H is cyclic communication system. Cyclic communication system, a communication system to send and receive automatically also periodically data that is specified by the network parameters in advance, creating programs for sending and receiving data is not required. In addition, we have set up a dedicated device link relay and B (ON / OFF information) that link register W (16-bit number information) as the data used in the cyclic communication.

Applicable cable

  If you want to build a MELSECNET / H network system, there are two types of coaxial cable and optical fiber cable to the cable that can be used.

High reliability

  The network, because it is laid to sealing ducts and exchange etc. is difficult, there is a risk that takes a long time to the repair trouble occurs once cable sequencer many also, is connected over a wide range. MELSECNET/10, in MELSECNET / H, and has incorporated features to increase reliability and to emphasize this point. ● (only light double loop system) loopback function: the duplication of the loop cable light, disconnect the abnormal place an abnormality occurs cable disconnection, such as the failure of the sequencer, it continues to normal transmission in operational stations.

Network Monitor

  MELSECNET/10, MELSECNET / H network system, can be easily diagnosed by the state GX Developer. If an error occurs in the network, I can facilitate the troubleshooting quick search of abnormal location can be. The means of diagnosis in the following ways:. Checking the status of the network of other stations that you specify (3) network test: checking the status of the network of the local station that is connected (2) Other station information: (1) Network Diagnostics (local station information) own station, specified station to all stations On the other hand, link start / stop

MELSECNET / H mode system

  When you configure a PC-to-PC net QCPU only (Q mode), it is recommended to MELSECNET / H mode. Compared to MELSECNET/10 mode, you can achieve the communication of large capacity even faster.

MELSECNET/10 mode system

  If you are connecting to a network MELSECNET/10 existing system consisting ACPU, due to the QnACPU (Q mode) QCPU, please choose MELSECNET/10 mode. In addition, you can connect to the network MELSECNET/10 also QCPU (A mode).


Maximum number of link points per network LX / LY
8192 points, 1K bytes
16384 point, 2K bytes (MELSECNET/10 mode: 8192 points, 1K bytes)
16384 point, 32K bytes (MELSECNET/10 mode: 8192 points, 16K bytes)
Maximum number of link points per station PC-to-PC Internet
· MELSECNET / H mode, MELSECNET/10 mode: {(LY + LB) ÷ 8 + (2 × LW)} ≦ 2000 bytes 
· MELSECNET / H Extended mode: {(LY + LB) ÷ 8 + (2 × LW)} ≦ 35840 bytes
Remote I / O net
Remote master station → remote I / O station: {(LY + LB) ÷ 8 + (2 × LW)} ≦ 1600 bytes 
, remote I / O station → remote master station: {(LX + LB) ÷ 8 + (2 × LW)} ≦ 1600 byte 
-multiplexed remote master station ← → multiple remote sub-master station: {(LY + LB) ÷ 8 + (2 × LW)} ≦ 2000 bytes
Maximum input and output points per station remote I / O stations
4096 points Claim + Y ≦ 
(If X / Y number is duplicated, only one side is subject to points)
Device points per station remote I / O stations M
8192 points
2048 points
12288 point
2048 points
Communication speed
Connection number of stations one network PC-to-PC Internet
(: 1, normal station: 31 Administration) 32 stations
Remote I / O net
(: 1, remote I / O station: 32 remote master station) 33 stations
Total length of one network
3C-2V: 300 meters 
500 meters: 5C-2V/5C-FB 
Can be extended up to 2.5km by (A6BR10, A6BR10-DC) using repeater unit
Connecting cable
(3501 compliance JIS C) high-frequency coaxial cable 3C-2V/5C-2V, (3502 compliance JIS C) 5C-FB
3C-2V/5C-2V/5C-FB for BNC connector plug
Maximum number of networks
Maximum number of groups
32 (MELSECNET/10 mode: 9)
Transmission path format
Single bus
Communication system
Token bus method
Synchronization scheme
Frame synchronization method
Coding system
Manchester code
Transmission format
Conforms to HDLC (frame format)
Error control method
(CRC Claim 16 + Claim 12 + Claim 5 to retry by time over and +1)
Occupied slots
Input and output points occupied
(: 32 points intelligent I / O assignment) 32 points
DC5V internal current consumption
External dimensions H

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