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ชุดคิท CNC แบบ 3 แกน มอเตอร์ NEMA23 ยาว 112มม. 425 oz-in #5734647
  • ชื่อสินค้า : ชุดคิท CNC แบบ 3 แกน มอเตอร์ NEMA23 ยาว 112มม. 425 oz-in
  • สินค้าในสต๊อก : มีสินค้า
  • ระยะเวลาการขาย : จนกว่าของจะหมด
  • ค่าขนส่งขั้นต่ำ : จัดส่งฟรี  
  • ราคา : 16,000 บาท (สั่งซื้อออนไลน์ รับแต้มคืน 160 บาท(แต้ม))
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    รายละเอียด ชุดคิท CNC แบบ 3 แกน มอเตอร์ NEMA23 ยาว 112มม. 425 oz-in
    แก้ไขล่าสุด : 19-05-2557 14:43:38

    ชุดคิท CNC แบบ 3 แกน มอเตอร์ NEMA23 ยาว 112มม. 425 oz-in, 3Axis CNC controller kit ,3PCS Nema23 CNC stepper motor (Dual shaft) 112mm,3A,425 oz-in + Motor Driver 4A,50V,128 microstep

    3 Axis for medium size Router Mill Plasma or Laser
    Item specifics
    Holding Torque: 425oz-in/ 280Ncm
    Type: Hybrid
    Phase: 2
    Current / Phase: 3A
    Certification: CE,ISO,ROHS,UL
    Step Angle(degrees): 1.8
    Model Number: 23HS2430B/FMD2740A
    Name: 3 axis CNC controller kit
    Driver name: FMD2740A
    Driver Microstep: 128 microstep
    input voltage and current: 12-50V,4A
    Power supply: 400W 36V/11A
    Breakout board: 5Axis breakout board V5
    Application 1: Semiconductor Equipment
    Application 2: Milling Machine, Engraver Machine
    Application 3: CNC Routers
    Package include: 
    3 x FMD2740A stepper motor driver 
    3 x 23HS2430B stepper motor (Dual shaft)
    1 x 400W 36V/11A switching power supply
    1 x 5 axis breakout board V5 type
    1 x DB25 parallel cable
    1 x USB cable
    English user manual for breakout board and stepper motor driver
    1. 5 axis breakout board
    It can most connection 5pcs driver and control 5pcs motor in the same time
    It is with 4-wire limit switch to insure our safty movement
    It is with relay port to contro the cnc spindle
    Working voltage is 5VDC and support with MACH3,EMC2,KCAM4 software
    2. FMD2740A stepper motor driver
    1)Brief introduction
    FMD2740A FMD2740A driven by Japanese sanyo's chip,After multiple optimize R & D and production of high-subdivision 
    2-phase stepper motor drives, suitable for driving small and medium-sized phase current is less than 4A 2-phase or 
    4-phase hybrid stepping motor. Due to the adoption of the new bipolar constant current chopper drive technology, 
    using the same motor can output more speed and power than other drivers. Segments stepper motor running accuracy 
    improved, reduces vibrations and noise reduction.
    1. High-performance, low price
    2. Bipolar constant current chopping mode
    3. Power supply voltage 12 to 50VDC
    4. High-speed optocoupler signal isolation input
    5. 20kHz chopping frequency
    6. Subdivision precision 281632641281020 optional
    7. Electrical input signal is TTL compatible
    8. Stationary current is automatically reduced by half
    9. Shape design is convenient for installation
    10.Maximum drive current is 4A
    11.Drive any 4A phase current of 2-phase or 4-phase hybrid stepping motor 
    Suitable for a variety of small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments,for example: 
    Small engraving machine, SMT machine, etc.
    4)Wiring defined
    Signal Function
    SP+: Pulse signal + end
    SP-: Pulse signal - end
    DIR+: Direction signal +end
    DIR-: Direction signal-end
    EN+: Enable signal +end
    EN-: Enable signal -end
    Strengths connection port
    Signal Function
    VIN+: 12to50 v dc power supply input +end,it is recommended to use 36V3A
    GND: DC power supply connection ground
    A+: Stepper motor A + Phase terminal
    A-: Stepper motor A - Phase terminal
    B+: Stepper motor B+ Phase terminal
    B-: Stepper motor B - Phase terminal
    NOTE: This drive does not contain anti-anti-interpolation circuit so non-input positive and negative power supply 
    upside down! Otherwise it will damage the drive! 
    5)The electrical characteristics
    6)The use of the environment and parameters
    Cooling method Natural cooling or forced air cooling 
    Use of the environment Occasions: Avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases
      Temperature: 0°C-+50°C
      Humidity: 40-90%RH
      Vibration: 6m/s2 MAX
    Storage temperature: -20°C-+65°C
    Weight: 250g
    7)Mechanical installation size
    8) Power supply
      The supply voltage can work normally in between DC12V-50V, FMD2740A driver can use ordinary switch DC power supply, 
    can also be used for transformer and the bridge rectifier and filter capacitor, capacitance desirable 2000U to 5000U. 
    Note rectified voltage ripple crest does not exceed 50V.Recommended the user to use the 24V-32V DC supply , 
    avoid the grid fluctuations over drive voltage operating range.
    1, Wiring should pay attention to the power of positive and negative Do not be reversed;
    2, In order to reduce costs, multiple drives can share a power supply. But it should improve the rated power 
    and rated output current of the power and attention to cooling.
    9)Attenuation of the DIP switch settings
    Decay mode SW1 SW2
    Slow decay OFF OFF
    Mixed decay ON OFF
    Fast decay OFF ON
    10)Subdivision DIP switch settings
    11)Current DIP switch settings
    12)Drive motor controller wiring diagram
    13)Electrical wiring
    The FMD2740A driver can drive all current 4A 4-wire, 6-wire or 8-wire 2-phase / 4-phase motors, are detailed below 4-wire, 
    6-wire, 8 wire stepper motor connection:
    14)Matching of the drive and motor
    FMD2740A driver can drive the domestic and foreign manufacturers of 2-phase or 4-phase motor, in order to obtain the most 
    satisfactory driving, you need to choose a reasonable supply voltage and current setting. Supply voltage determines the 
    level of the high-speed performance of the motor, and the current set value determines the output torque of the motor.
    Supply voltage selected
    Generally speaking, the higher the supply voltage, the greater the torque motor at high speed, the more it can avoid the 
    high speed out. But another aspect, the voltage is too high will lead to over-voltage protection, and can even damage 
    the drive, but also in the high-pressure work, low speed vibrations.
    The output current is set
    For the same motor, the greater the current setting, the higher speed, the current motor and drive more heat. 
    So under normal circumstances the current setting into a powered machine warm but not too hot long-term value.
    Note: the current settings after you run the motor for 15-30 minutes, if the motor temperature is too high, you should 
    reduce the current settings. If the motor current setting, the motor output torque is not enough to improve heat dissipation 
    conditions to ensure that the motor and drive are not hot.
    3. Stepper Motor
    Technical Specifications
    Part No.: 23HS2430B (Dual shaft)
    Frame Size: NEMA23
    Step Angle: 1.8 degree
    Current: 3.0A/phase
    Resistance: 1.6 Ohm/phase
    Inductance: 6.8 mH/phase
    Holding torque: 280N.cm/28kg-cm 425 oz-in
    Rotor inertia: 800g-cm2
    Number of wire leads: 4
    Weight: 1.66 kg
    Length: 112mm
    แกนเพลามอเตอร์: 8mm.
    Shaft : Dual shaft, front shaft is 8mm diameter and 21mm length;
      back shaft is 8mm diameter and 11mm length.
     Red: A+
    Green: A-
    Yellow: B+
    Blue: B-
    4.Switching power supply
    400W,Input:100-120VAC or 200-240VAC,50/60Hz,Output:36v/11A,single output switching power supply
    5.Usage or Application 
    This products are widely used in engraving machine, printer, medical equipment, 
    embroidery machine, stage lighting, textile automation, printing, 
    packaging and other industries automation equipment.
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