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GLC150-SC41-XY32KF-24V PROFACE #5824685
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รายละเอียด GLC150-SC41-XY32KF-24V PROFACE
แก้ไขล่าสุด : 28-07-2558 10:34:21


Functional Specifications

Item/Model GLC150-SC41-XY32KF-24V
(End of Sale: 2012/06/29)

→Recommended Substitute
Type STN Color LCD Monochrome LCD
Display Colors 64 Colors Blue-mode
Backlight CCFL 
(Service life: more than 36,000 at 24 hr. operation)
(Service life: more than 25,000 at 24 hr. operation)
Resolution 320 × 240 pixels
Nominal Display Area (mm) 118.2(W) × 89.4mm(H) 115.2(W) × 86.4mm(H)
Contrast Control 8 levels of adjustment available via touch panel
Language Character Sets ASCII: (Code page 850) Alphanumeric (incl. European characters)
Chinese: (GB2312-80 codes) simplified Chinese fonts
Japanese: ANK 158, Kanji: 6962 (JIS Standards 1 & 2)
Korean: (KSC5601 - 1992 codes) Hangul fonts
Taiwanese: (Big 5 codes) traditional Chinese fonts
Text 8 × 8 Dots 40 char. × 30 rows
8 × 16 Dots 40 char. × 15 rows
16 × 16 Dots 20 char. × 15 rows
32 × 32 Dots 10 char. × 7 rows
Character Sizes*1 8 × 8, 8 × 16, 16 × 16, 32 × 32 dots
Font Sizes Both height and width can be expanded 1, 2, 4, or 8 times
Memory Application FLASH EPROM 1MB
Data Backup SRAM 96KB - uses lithium battery*2
Variable Data 
SRAM 32KB - uses lithium battery*2
(Including bit, integer, timer, counter)
Program Area FLASH EPROM 128KB
Clock Accuracy ± 65 seconds/month (at room temperature)
Touch Panel 16 × 12 keys/ screen - 1 or 2 point touch
  1. The display font will differ depending on which (language) character, or which size you select.
  2. A Lithium battery's lifetime is:
    10 years when the battery's ambient temperature is under 40℃ 
    4.1 years when the battery's ambient temperature is under 50℃ 
    1.5 years when the battery's ambient temperature is under 60℃ 
    When used for backup: 
    Approximately 60 days, with a fully charged battery
    Approximately 6 days, with a half-charged battery

General Specifications

Item/Model GLC150-*41-XY32KF-24V
Electrical Rated Voltage DC24V
Rated Voltage Range DC20.4 to 28.8V
Allowable Voltage Drop 10 ms or less
Power Consumption 20W max.
Rush Current 30A max.
Voltage Endurance AC1000V, 10mA for up to 1 minute
(between charging and FG terminals)
Insulation Resistance 20MΩ or higher at DC500V
(between charging and FG terminals)
Environmental Ambient Operating 
0 to 50℃
Storage Temperature -20 to 60℃
Ambient Humidity 10 - 90% RH 
(non-condensing wetbulb temperature 39℃ or less)
Storage Humidity 10 - 90% RH 
(non-condensing wetbulb temperature 39℃ or less)
Dust 0.1mg/m3 or less (non-conductive levels)
Free of corrosive gases
Atmospheric Endurance
(Operation Altitude)
800 to 1114hPa (2000 meters or lower)
Vibration Resistance Compatible with IEC61131-2
When vibration is NOT continuous:
10Hz to 57Hz 0.075mm, 57Hz to 150Hz 9.8m/s2
When vibration is continuous:
10Hz to 57Hz 0.035mm, 57Hz to 150Hz 4.9m/s2
X, Y, Z directions for 10 times (80min.)
Noise Immunity Noise Immunity:1500Vp-p 
Pulse Duration: 1µs, Rise Time: 1ns
(via noise simulator)
Discharge Immunity
Contact discharge of 6kV (IEC 61000-4-2 Level 3)
Structural Grounding 100Ω or less, or your country's applicable standard
Rating Equivalent to IP65f (JEM1030), NEMA#250 TYPE 4X/12*2
External Dimensions 
207W × 157H × 75.8D
Weight 1.5kg (3.3lb) or less
Cooling Method Natural air circulation
  1. Ensure that the temperatures both at the display surface and inside the panel are within the prescribed ambient temperature range during use. Use at temperatures outside this range may lead to malfunction.
  2. Limited to the front face after installation in a panel. Testing equivalent to IP65f conditions has been performed; however, performance cannot be guaranteed for every type of environment. If the product is subjected to an oil mist over an extended period of time, even when using the oil designated in the tests, or if the product is subjected to an extremely low-viscosity cutting oil, some oil penetration may result due to peeling of the front sheet. If this occurs, a countermeasure is required. The same kind of penetration, or plastic deformation, may also occur with oils other than those designated. Confirm ambient environment prior to installation. Furthermore, rubber gaskets that have been used for extended periods of time, and those that have been scratched or soiled after panel installation, may not provide sufficient protection. It is recommended that the rubber gasket be replaced periodically to ensure stable protection.

DIO Interface Specifications


Item/Model GLC150-*41-XY32KF-24V
Input Voltage DC24V
Max. Allowable Voltage DC26.4V
Input Type Sink/ Source input
Rated Current 5mA (24V)
Input Resistance 4.7kΩ
Standard Operating Range ON voltage: 15V min., OFF voltage: 5V max.
Input Delay OFF→ON 1.5 ms max., ON→OFF 1.5 ms max.
Common 1
Common Structure 16 points/common
External Connection 40-pin connector (also used for output)
Input Points 16
Input Signal Indication LED lights for each point ON (logic side)
Isolation Method Photocoupler isolation
External Power Supply For Signal: DC24V


Item/Model GLC150-*41-XY32KF-24V
Input Voltage DC24V
Allowable Voltage Range DC24V ±10%
Output Type Sink output
Max. Load Current 0.2A/point, 1.6A/common
Output Voltage Drop 1.5V or less
Output Delay OFF→ON: 1ms max., ON→OFF: 1ms max.
Leakage Current when OFF 0.1mA or less
Output Classification Transistor output
Common 1
Common Structure 16 points/common
External Connection 40-pin connector (also used for input)
Output Protection Classification No protection
Internal Fuse 3.5A chip fuse (not replaceable)
Surge Suppression Circuit Diode
Output Points 16
Output Signal Indication LED lights for each point ON (logic side)
Isolation Method Photocoupler isolation
External Power Supply For Signal: DC24V

DIO Interface Connector Specifications, Circuit Diagrams

The sink/source type DIO integrates 16 input/ output (sink output only) points into a compact unit. 
The Type B+ LT model supports up to 16-point inputs and 16-point outputs, ideal for connecting peripheral I/O devices.

DIO Connectors (Type B+: Sink Output)

Pin Signal Pin Signal Front View*1
A1 COM (0V: DOUT) B1 COM (24V: DIN)
A5 DOUT15 B5 DIN15
A6 DOUT14 B6 DIN14
A7 DOUT13 B7 DIN13
A8 DOUT12 B8 DIN12
A9 DOUT11 B9 DIN11
A10 DOUT10 B10 DIN10
A11 DOUT9 B11 DIN9
A12 DOUT8 B12 DIN8
A13 DOUT7 B13 DIN7
A14 DOUT6 B14 DIN6
A15 DOUT5 B15 DIN5
A16 DOUT4 B16 DIN4
A17 DOUT3 B17 DIN3
A18 DOUT2 B18 DIN2
A19 DOUT1 B19 DIN1
A20 DOUT0 B20 DIN0
  1. This front diagram shows the connector on the DIO unit side. When preparing the cable, note that the A and B stamps indicate the number 1 pins.
I/O Circuit Connection (Type-B+)

Recommended Connectors and Covers

Note: Connectors and Covers are not included with the unit.

Manufacturer Connection Method Applicable Connector
Digital Electronics Corporation Solder type GLC100-DIOCN01
Ribbon Cable Crimp Connector GLC-DIOCN02
Manufacturer Connection MethodApplicable Connector
Fujitsu Takamizawa
Solder type FCN-361J040-AU(Connector)
Crimp type FCN-363J040(Connector)
Press-fit type FCN-367J040-AU/F (Connector)
Flat Cable (1.27mm pitch)
AWG#28 (Lay wire)/ AWG#30 (Solid wire)

FCN-361J040-AU (Connector) and FCN-360C040-B (Cover)
Digital offers 5/sets soldering type (connector/cover), manufactured by Fujitsu Takamizawa Components.

Remote I/O (FLEX NETWORK) Specifications

This I/F unit's high-speed remote I/O (6Mbps/ 12Mbps) is so fast, you won't think you are using a remote connection. Up to 1008 I/O points can be connected, with a communication delay of only 0.94ms (for 512 points at 12Mbps). The network can be extended up to 400 meters (2 channels at 6Mbps).

Communication Configuration 1: N
Connection Method Multi-Drop Connection
Max. Distance 200m/channel at 6Mbps,100m/channel at 12Mbps
Communication Method Cyclic Time Division, half-duplex
Communication Speed 6Mbps/ 12Mbps (selectable)
Communication I/F Differential, pulse-transformer isolation
Error Check Format, bit, CRC-12 verification
Max. Number of Nodes 63 (number of occupied points varies according to I/O units)

I/F Connector

Pin No. Signal Name
6 Channel 2 shield (SLD)
5 Channel 2 communication data (TR-)
4 Channel 2 communication data (TR+)
3 Channel 1 shield (SLD)
2 Channel 1 communication data (TR-)
1 Channel 1 communication data (TR+)

Common I/F Specifications

Alarm Output

Contact Ratio AC125V at 0.15A (resistive load),
DC24V at 0.6A (resistive load)
Set Time (at 20℃) 4ms or less
Reset Time (at 20℃) 4ms or less
Min. Switching Load 1mA/DC5V
Initial Contact Resistance 100mΩ or less

Tool Connector

Tool Connector Asynchronous: TTL level non-procedural command
Connect data transfer cable for transferring data from LT Editor.

When LT Series is powered up and the system is booted, the relay of the alarm output circuit turns ON. When a major error or watchdog error occurs, this relay switch turns OFF. An external fail-safe circuit can be provided to monitor this relay output.

Note: This relay switch is OFF from the time the power is turned on until the LT Series system is booted. The external monitoring circuit must be started after the LT Seires system is booted.

A timer circuit, which recognizes a non-operating LT is required. Otherwise the alarm monitoring system should be booted up after turning on the LT power supply.

External Dimensions

Note: Panel thickness should be between 1.6 and 5.0 mm (0.06 to 0.02 in.), and should be based on the strength required to mount the LT to the panel.

LTシリーズ 外形寸法図 LT Series Type B+ Side Panel
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