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น้ำหอม Hugo Boss Hugo Red Eau de Toilette 150ml (มีกล่อง) #5870085
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รายละเอียด น้ำหอม Hugo Boss Hugo Red Eau de Toilette 150ml (มีกล่อง)
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น้ำหอม Hugo Boss Hugo Red Eau de Toilette 150ml (มีกล่อง)



Phew! Last week was a hell of events for me. It was like swimming in a bottomless open ocean and I was busy rushing around with the heavy flow of work projects. But I was super happy that "business" is picking up...



So, Hugo Boss have released their latest masculine fragrance called Hugo Red and the ad campaign is fronted by actor and musician Jared Leto. Seriously, RED is a whole new world for me. Watch this ad above and you will know what I mean!


Hugo Boss Red launch (5)


I didn't get to make it to the event, so I'm gona "steal" some photos from Cheryl. The perfume launch was at Red Sea Gallery up on Dempsey Hill and the ingredients used for the making of the perfume were revealed.


Hugo Boss Red launch (2)


Top Notes: Grapefruit

Heart Notes: Rhubarb

Base Notes: Cedarwood & Hot Amber Accord


Hugo Boss Red launch (3)


The tagline and the colour - Red screams bold and strong in your face, but the fragrance seems kind of womanly for men, although it is a strong one to women. It could be due to the fruity smell of the Grapefruit that covers the smell of the Cedarwood.


The bottle of Hugo Red is supposed to be thermosensitive and change to the touch. But the question is how long does it take? I've tried several ways and it was not successsful.

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