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วิทยุสื่อสาร Motorola MD207R #6015365
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  • ชื่อสินค้า : วิทยุสื่อสาร Motorola MD207R
  • สินค้าในสต๊อก : มีสินค้า
  • ระยะเวลาการขาย : จนกว่าของจะหมด
  • ค่าขนส่งขั้นต่ำ : คิดค่าจัดส่งตามการสั่งซื้อต่อครั้ง 50.00 บาท  
  • ราคา : 3,200 บาท (สั่งซื้อออนไลน์ รับแต้มคืน 32 บาท(แต้ม))
  • ราคาผ่อน : ดูเพิ่ม
  • จำนวนสินค้า : (ระบุจำนวนสินค้าที่สั่งซื้อ)
  • บันทึกลงรายการโปรด
  • = 32 บาท (แต้ม)

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  • 8.09
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    รายละเอียด วิทยุสื่อสาร Motorola MD207R
    แก้ไขล่าสุด : 24-05-2557 12:14:52

    วิทยุสื่อสาร Motorola MD207R

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    NOAA Weather Channel
    Want to know where the best conditions are for your rock climbing outing? Tune into one of 7 NOAA channels (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) on your MD207 for continuous local and regional weather broadcasting. And when you are out having fun, weather alerts will provide you with warnings of incoming weather to protect you from the danger of a sudden storm.

    Functional New Design
    The Talkabout® MD207 is designed for great looks, as well as solid, functional operations. The location and size of the big buttons make operating this radio a breeze, even when wearing gloves. The sleek rugged housing protects the radio whether it's being used on the playground, in the neighborhood, at the campground, or at the mall.

    Accessories for Operation
    The MD series features an accessory connector permitting use of an audio accessory headset for easy hands-free operation. The connector allows you to hear messages clearly in high noise areas or in quiet environments without disturbing others. You'll have the flexibility to transmit messages without removing the radio from your belt or carrying case.

    Dual Power
    Are you running out of battery power and with no power outlet around to recharge the batteries? Just pop in three AA batteries and your unit is operating again for another 29 hours of estimated talk time.

    Call Tones
    Call tones are what people calling you can hear instead of the normal default ring, Choose what your callers will hear from ten audible call tones to grab the attention of your family and friends before you start speaking.

    Eco Smart
    The collective energy wasted in powering handheld electronics has become a Global issue. Most of the energy wasted while charging a mobile device occurs within the charge. On an individual basis, the amount of energy wasted per year is negligible. However, there are hundreds of millions of chargers in use today. The large-scale incorporation of energy efficient chargers benefits the planet both economically and environmentally. The MD series does its part by using the latest technological design to produce a high efficiency wall adapter which consumes one half watt of power during idle conditions.

    Use the scanning feature to see which channels are currently in use.

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