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SanDisk Extreme pro 32GB. Compack Flash Memory #6412247
  • ชื่อสินค้า : SanDisk Extreme pro 32GB. Compack Flash Memory
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  • ระยะเวลาการขาย : จนกว่าของจะหมด
  • ค่าขนส่งขั้นต่ำ : เก็บเงินปลายทาง Niko's 40.00 บาท  
  • ราคา : 2,590.40 บาท (สั่งซื้อออนไลน์ รับแต้มคืน 25 บาท(แต้ม))
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  • = 25 บาท (แต้ม)

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รายละเอียด SanDisk Extreme pro 32GB. Compack Flash Memory
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SanDisk Extreme pro 32GB.Compack Flash Memory


·  Brand: SanDisk

·  Capacity: prefix = st1 ns = "urn: schemas-Microsoft-COM: Office: smarttags" 1G

·  Accessories: CF card (bare card, a small capacity card without packaging)

 Warranty: One year warranty

·  Description: CF card using flash memory ( Flash ) technology, is a stable storage solution, no batteries to maintain stored data. Of the stored data is, CF cards are higher than traditional disk drive security and protection; than conventional magnetic disk drives and Ⅲ type PC card high reliability to 10 times, and CF card, power consumption Small disk drives only 5% CF card using 3.3V to 5V voltage between (including 3.3V or 5V ). These excellent conditions make most digital camera to select CF card as its storage medium of choice.

 Features: CF card is currently the most widely used memory card, because it does tape drive, and no other moving parts, therefore, very rare mechanical failure , so that the image data storage more secure. CF card is also very long service life, even to spend 100 years can also ensure that the data intact. And CF card power consumption is small, only ordinary disk5% . Further large capacity fast cheap is his big advantage .

·  it can be used for cameras, industrial and other products .

·  · with a strong environmental resistance, including interrupt power supply, external impact and severe temperature changes, can effectively protect data. 
· In addition, it has the power, transmission speed and other characteristics. 
· Type: Compact Flash card ( CompactFlash ). 
· Compatible Interface: Using PC adapter, compatible with PCMCIA standard 68 -pin interface. 
· Power supply voltage: 3.3V ± 5% , 5V ± 10% . 
· Dimensions Weight: 42.8mm (width) × 36.4mm (height) × 3.3 mm (thick), about 12 grams 
· temperature resistance: Operating 0oC 60oC , non-operating -25oC 80oC 
· shock resistance: 2000G max 
· shock resistance: 15G max


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