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FLIR BHS-XR NTSC Bi-Ocular Thermal Imaging Camera, 640 x 480, 30Hz Model: BHS-XR NTSC 30Hz #6801354
  • ชื่อสินค้า : FLIR BHS-XR NTSC Bi-Ocular Thermal Imaging Camera, 640 x 480, 30Hz Model: BHS-XR NTSC 30Hz
  • สินค้าในสต๊อก : มีสินค้า
  • ระยะเวลาการขาย : จนกว่าของจะหมด
  • ค่าขนส่งขั้นต่ำ : คิดค่าจัดส่งตามราคาของไปรษณีย์ไทย (พัสดุ) 220.00 บาท  
  • ราคา : 319,155 บาท (สั่งซื้อออนไลน์ รับแต้มคืน 3191 บาท(แต้ม))
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แจ้งรหัสสินค้า : 6801354
เวลาทำการ จ-ศ 9.00-18.00
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รายละเอียด FLIR BHS-XR NTSC Bi-Ocular Thermal Imaging Camera, 640 x 480, 30Hz Model: BHS-XR NTSC 30Hz
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The FLIR BHS-XR is a thermal imaging camera that allows security professionals and law enforcement officers to see suspects in total darkness, through smoke, and light foliage, all without being seen.


  • Equipped with an uncooled vanadium oxide detector which provides excellent long range viewing with sharp 320 x 240 native resolution in the viewfinder and a 2x digital e-zoom step to 160 x 120 resolution Powered by FLIR's 640 x 480 core, the BHS-XR delivers greater range performance with crisp, clear 640 x 480 native resolution in the viewfinder AND while in the 2x digital e-zoom mode, plus an additional 4x digital e-zoom step to 160 x 120 resolution. Full 640 x 480 resolution imagery from the BHS-XR Series is also accessible via the "aux video" jack in the hot shoe.
  • Can be ordered with different interchangeable lenses; longer lenses have a narrower field of view and allow you to see targets farther away. The specific lens(es) you require for your application need to be specified at time of order.
  • Fully controlled with just 5 buttons on top of the unit
  • Totally silent units in operation and eyebrow style light shield eye-pieces allows the operator to remain fully covert, in total darkness
  • One touch video recording
  • Store thermal images in JPEG format on a removable SD card
  • Hot shoe has a power-in and video-out connection which means that the camera can be fully operational on a tripod while charging the batteries
  • Rechargeable AA NiMH batteries provide an operating time of over 4 hours on a single charge


  • See what is happening without giving away your position
  • See clearly in total darkness
  • See through many obscurants including smoke, dust, foliage and light fog
  • See more during the day because thermal cameras rely on thermal contrast which is extremely difficult to mask
  • Enhance situational awareness with information about a scene that isn't always visible to the naked eye
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